Justice in the Long Halls: Judge Duryee’s Report (1)

The statement below was drafted by Jarvis Masters’ legal team several days ago. While the news is more disappointing than I had hoped for, I think there are some encouraging aspects of Judge Duryee’s findings, and the lawyers will pursue these openings wholeheartedly. Jarvis has endured many years of unjust conviction and incarceration, so it is hard to counsel patience.  But this is our practice, in confidence that his legal team will not give up the goal of finding freedom.

— Alan Senauke

“On April 11, 2011, Judge Lynn Duryee filed her fact-finding report with the California Supreme Court. There are some facts very much in Jarvis’s favor, and some that are not. The next steps will be with the California Supreme Court and there is no telling how long that will take. We will keep you posted on any new developments.”

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4 Responses to Justice in the Long Halls: Judge Duryee’s Report (1)

  1. Malcolm says:

    Hi – do you have a link to Judge Duree’s report?

    • asenauke says:

      Dear Malcolm & friends,

      Judge Duryee’s report was sent directly to the legal teams on both sides and has not been responded to yet. By agreement with Jarvis and his legal team, and for the safety of all concerned, the Clear View Blog has been very careful about the naming of witnesses and various details. Without authorization from Jarvis and his team to release the judge’s report — which is itself an incomplete summary of testimony — it seems consistent to maintain that kind of care.

      — Alan

  2. dhyan atkinson says:

    Many years ago, about 12 I think, when Finding Freedom: Writings from Death Row had just come out, I corresponded with Jarvis for a number of months. He was getting so much mail because of the book that eventually he asked me if I would, as a favor to him, write to his best friend in prison, Freddie Taylor, which I have done all these years. I came upon your blog by accident recently and have been very grateful to have had this news of Jarvis. I wish him the best and thank you most sincerely for keeping the world informed. Dhyan

  3. connie p. says:

    Thank you for writing to Freddie, Dyhan!

    Thank you all for sharing your perspectives and updates– especially for those of us supporters scattered about far from the Bay Area. I know I am behind on reading up on all this; I’m just so glad your blog is here for me to get caught up.

    Since 1998, Jarvis and his writing has done so much to shape my thinking and inner life as a Buddhist– it is impossible to quantify how much influence he has had on me.
    Please know how grateful I am to have you all in my mahasangha, and that Jarvis is constantly abiding in my daily prayers.

    Connie Pham
    Long Beach, CA

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