A Blogging Hodge Podge

Leaving for India

I leave for a month in India on 26 February. I will be teaching and visiting in Dalit Buddhist communities of Maharastra — on my own and as part of a “Think Sangha” study group comprising old friends like Jon Watts, Ouyporn Kuanchaew, Jill Jameson, David Loy, Mangesh Dahiwale, Anachalee Kurutach, and several others.  From Maharastra, we will journey to communities in northern India, including Deer Park in Bir.

I have gathered some funds to support students at Nagaloka, the wonderful training center in Nagpur. But your further donations are most welcome on the Clear View website.

My essay, “Ambedkar’s Vision,” (with photographs,) on the Dalit Buddhist movement in India, is just out in the Spring 2011 Buddhadharma.



Kleptograss Trio in Santa Cruz

I will be down in Santa Cruz this Sunday evening 20 February with the Kleptograss Trio: Eric Thompson on guitar, banjo, quatro, mandolin, and mandola; Alan Senauke on guitar, mandolin, and mandola; John Hanes on imaginative and grooving percussion. We will perform at 7:30 in a wonderful venue–Irene Herrmann’s house at 220 Spring Street in Santa Cruz.  The phone is 831.459.9432. For reservations, directions, and information email <herrmann@ucsc.edu>.


Last Jarvis Masters Hearing

Even though final arguments have already been presented, a last witness for Jarvis Masters will testify on Friday 25 February, 10am at the Marin County Court.  Jarvis will very likely not be present for this session, but we are all invited to attend.


Stephan Salisbury Reading in Oakland

Stephan is an old friend, a wonderful journalist, culture writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He will read and discuss his recent excellent book Mohamed’s Ghosts on Saturday 26 February—6 to 9pm— at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California

1433 Madison Street (between 14th and 15th streets), Oakland, CA 94612

Email: islamandauthors@iccnc.org

Phone: (510) 832-7600

Tickets: $10 general, $5 students.


The Bodhisattva’s Embrace Reviewed in Spring 2011 Tricycle

Thanks to Tricycle magazine for a brief but very positive review of my book. (That same issue has a lengthy review I did of David Loy’s fascinating book The World Is Made of Stories. Click here for my Loy review.)

A quote from review: “Throughout his essays, Senauke’s words are like rocks: simple and strong. It’s a no-nonsense, sober approach to the truth of suffering, and Senauke’s message is clear: we’re all in this together, so let’s help each other out.”

You can, of course, get your own copy of The Bodhisattva’s Embrace on the Clear View Project website, or from Amazon.com




Zen teacher Genpo Merzel has confessed acts of sexual misconduct to his Salt Lake City Kanzeon community.  He has disrobed and begun to seek professional treatment.  For the last period I have been part of an outside group of teachers discussing this particular case along with other such breeches of power and sexuality in the Buddhist community.  I hope to share further thoughts on this in the next few days.

— Alan


About asenauke

Zen Buddhist priest, activist, writer, father, musician
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  1. kloncke says:

    Digging this ‘podge. Good luck with all the many things, Alan!

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